Iowa code 718A: you shall not respect the first amendment

(on August 11,2016, Homer Martz was arrested in Iowa for hanging the US flag upside down as a protest, the charge was desecrating the american flag)
It must have been a very slow day when they decided to let Iowa become a part of the United States.
Maybe when they gave them the ‘homeowners association covenant rules and guideline’ they accidentally left out that part that had the little thing called the Constitution and Bill of Rights.
I think that maybe it’s time to designate Iowa as a ‘safe place’, so that when other people in ‘really mean’ states get their feelings hurt, they can go to Iowa because there are no potty mouths or bad people there.
-It is against the law in state of Confusion (otherwise known as Iowa) to “…publicly…satirize,deride or burlesque, either by words or act, flag of the …United States or …flag of this state [iowa].
It is important to point out that while illegal to SATIRIZE the flag, it is apparently legal to SATYRIZE it (leading to the unappetizing picture of the Daughters of the American Revolution frolicking about in Dionysian orgies wrapped in nothing but the staid flag of Iowa to cover their nether regions).
-As reported in “The Messenger” the local paper and stalwart defender of the Constitution, a scathing editorial was noted that stated “Nothing compares to the Iowa state fair, Don’t miss your chance..” (this was actually written before the arrest of Homer Martz for hanging the flag upside down, but it appears to be as scathing an editorial as scathing gets in Iowa.)
-the flag of Iowa (simply a copy of the french flag) with what appears to be an eagle with its head turned and its beak pulling a ribbon adorned with the words ‘our liberties we prize and our rights we will maintain” out of its ass.
And finally, kudos to those brave officers who arrested Mr. Martz. They the bastions of law enforcement, reminiscent of those same stalwarts who in the 50’s ‘had to arrest them colored people ’cause it’s agin the law for them to drink from the white peoples drinking fountains. Get along now, ya hear’. Some things don’t change, a case of arrested development?
Let’s run it up the flag-pole and see if anyone salutes?