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Job Posting:

Al Qaida #645-3122a

We are looking for 100 men to go to the United States and pursuit advanced degrees in LAW.

Following the US Supreme Court decision Boumediene v Bush and the likelihood of political changes occurring in the US political establishment, the Supreme Council considers it likely that in 5 to 7 years time “enemy combatants” will be able to both argue against their detainment and assert legal rights immediately upon being captured on the battlefield. We are looking for people who after studying the US system of jurisprudence will accompany their brothers while fighting the Americans and represent their brothers immediately if they are captured in combat.

Required: fluency in written and spoken English.

High school, secondary/college education, degree preferred.

Acceptable scores on the LSAT (tutoring available)

Open to all members and affiliates in good standing.

july 21, 2008