Update on Anwar Al-Alwaki

After being placed on the JSOC kill list, months later was placed on the (qt) CIA kill list to no avail.

The President has now placed the former Los Cruces crossing guard on the newly created “BP” kill list. “You can say up to now, we’ve been trying to get this guy plugged with a junk shot, but the ‘guys from BP’ are even now in the process of targeting him with two different drills, and in no time will be going for the permanent fix and fill him with cement.” The President, said to be ‘sick and tired of this weiner doggin’ on the flag’ decided it was time to ‘go Chicago on his ***’

Asked if filling him with cement was a metaphor, Rahm Emmanuel, possible next Mayor of the great city, responded “What do you think? Molly Norris, am American God dammit, has to go into hiding in her own country because of two bit ******* punks like this, it’s time WE take the tampon out and grow a pair.”

sept 15, 2010