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Campaign headquarters

The Inner Sanctum
-isn’t it strange how HRC also can be ‘Her Royal’, we won’t even have to get the towel or napkin embroidery changed!
-gosh, almost like fate.
-Back to business. When we decided to put that damn server in the toilet so we could control ‘what got flushed’ after she was ‘finished doing her business’ who would have thought it would’ve developed into this pile of poop.
-We deny, we obfuscate, it’s part of the chicken wing conspiracy right? RIGHT?
-unfortunately we have to start thinking of the possibility that some incriminating material may have been ‘left on the blue dress’, metaphorically speaking.
-Don’t tell me he got caught with
-NO, not him!
-OH GAWD, somebody caught her and
-NO,NO,,no! met-a-phor-i-cal-ly speaking! Geez. What I’m saying is that the possibility exists that those idiots we hired were not in fact idiots, they actually KNEW who they were dealing with, and kept their own records on the side.
-so nobody caught…?
-okay-doakay. So, what do we do? Is the Big ‘O’ gonna help.
-probably not as much as we would hope, it’s legacy time now. Our guy could pardon whomever he wanted at the end, what else could they say about him that was new, you either loved him or not, whatever he did.
-I saw the e-mail he sent “I won’t let there be a lynch-mob, I promise she won’t get lynched”.
-so what do we do?
-YOU figure out where we can fit a subtly understated gold crown on the linens, maybe raise the ‘R’ up a little or do you think putting it top of the ‘R’? get a working group together. I’ll focus on these other problems.
-HRC, almost like fate.
-almost like fate.