‘AT HOME WITH MULLAH ABDUL GHANI BARADAR’, a millard bunson exclusive. part ii

Millard: Belgium waffles, you ALWAYS pick Belgium waffles?

Abdul: Politically I can appreciate the fact that a country that may have driven Julius Caesar to distraction is remembered after millennia for the sweetbread that may or may not have anything to do with its namesake being offered as an incredibly unhealthy breakfast staple principally in a woke capitalist country that would change its name to ‘Cuban’ waffles in a heartbeat. AND, they are BELGIAN waffles, as you already know Millard.

Millard: You have changed. Maybe too much?

Millard: Watching the ‘fall of Kabul’ what do I see? I see young Taliban celebrating by taking ‘selfies’ to post to their own facebook pages. I see half your ‘army’ who when you talk about becoming ‘Martyrs for Allah’ think ‘no way am I going to go without internet for a month. a WEEK maybe’. It has already been written about, you know what I’m talking about: ‘…Religion doesn’t work anymore. First, it will be housewives complaining that their dishwashers aren’t working any more. Then, business complaining that their factories can’t produce as much… the war didn’t end with a huge final battle, it just ended one day. ‘

Abdul: Asimov, the Foundation. I know. How do we deal with changed reality.

Abdul: Earlier we could always rely on the fact that when we put the call out for Martyrs we would have to turn some away because EVERYONE wanted to be proud to die in the Jihad. Now? We get ‘what you mean Willis?’ as a smartass answer from young kids grown up with to much Western influence and technology. They LIKE the idea of a Islamic Caliphate based on Sharia, but when they see a mullah calling out THEIR mother, sister or wife, possibly striking them in the process, the reality is going to cause a big change in THEM real fast.

Abdul: Then, we have what I like to call the ‘2 Headed Beast’. I would call them barbarians but they ARE what I WAS when I was much younger. They both hear an inherent call to violent Jihad, but their only difference is whether the should subjugate and purify OUR country first before they go out and claim the rest of the world for Allah. Who’s children should we kill in Allah’s name first? Our own or the infidels?