Another Prophet Mohamed joke (pbuh)

After a long day of Jihad, the Prophet walks into “Joes”, sits down at the bar, and yells at Joe to bring him the usual. Joe isn’t actually there, but his nephew Burt is. Burt leans over to one of the regulars to ask him what the Prophets ‘usual’ is. Burt looks a little perplexed, but shrugs ‘okay’, gets a large mug, fills it full of beer, sets it in front of Mohamed, takes out a knife and decapitates the Prophet in one smooth stroke. He picks up the stunned bouncing face from the floor and puts it on the beer. Joe walks in at that minute and looking at the mess and his nephew shakes his head asking Burt what happened. Burt turns to his uncle and says “he asked for his usual, and they said his usual was a large beer but to make sure it had a good head on it.’