Get me to a safe zone, QUICK!

Hillary didn’t win.
Doesn’t everyone understand that the very basis of all the changes that have occurred over the past 8 years is the belief, no the CERTAINTY, that the fact that I can own my pain means that what I want has to not only be acknowledged, but actively catered too.
-How many Woman were terminally offended because the first woman president wasn’t elected. How many of the ‘conversations’ (how do I tell my daughter that she didn’t win?) took place.
-How many people woke up to ‘not the country I: thought I lived in, knew I lived in, was disappointed that I lived in…’
-How many people woke up with a sense of fear, foreboding, fearful foreboding.
-How many people were surprised that every white person is a misogynistic racist jerk. How did they tell their daughters?
-How many people woke up wondering how so many others were so blind and stupid not to be able to see how obvious the choice had been.

The only thing I can do, is tell people to own their pain while they can.
-If you’re a student, tell your professor, teacher that you’re so upset you can’t attend classes or take midterms.
-If you’re the parent of a young child, encourage them to feel lost and forlorn for as long as you can, let them feel lost, because this isn’t the world you expected.
-If you’re a minority or female, march, break (other peoples) things and let everyone know how terribly unfair life is and that you didn’t get your way.
-If you are ? questioning ?, hurry up and use whatever bathroom you want to, because who knows what may happen in the potty in a month or two. It could be devastating. Just devastating.

And finally, remember that people, PEOPLE! owe you the right to own your pain.

If not, then what were the last 8 years about?