Could it possibly be true?

From Sources:

35 years after she led a suicide attack that killed 38 Isreali civilians, including children, the legend of Dalal Mughrabi grows larger than life with the release of the “Legend of Dalal Mughrabi, the Sex tape: Dalal does Dallas!!!”

chapter one- ‘blow me up, blow me down’

chapter two- ‘what is that hiding under my hijab? (taking a hard look)’

chapter three- ‘what will I do with 72 virgins in paradise? I’ll show you!!!’

The historical significance of the ‘Legend of Dalal’ cannot be underestimated, says Professor  Ibn-al Fatah el shieki, sitting chair of Palestinian factoids at Tuttles university recently stated “the apparent appearance of a so called ‘sex tape’ from 35 years ago in reality shows the healthy imaginings of a young and (incredibly) flexible woman on her way to self awareness through exploration of the body and spirit. WOW.

The fact that she ended her life by ‘blowing herself up’ is either the cruelest of ironies, or the greatest of  Freudian slips.

Although for years, a whisper of a story has circulated that she was unknowingly involved, as she had become an embarrassment to the PLO leadership, and she was surreptitiously contacted by Yasser in the guise of a Hollywood producer, and asked if she would be interested in getting in a huge movie doing a ‘blow job’. The story goes she ‘auditioned’ on Yasser, he ‘gave’ her the part, told her to be on a bus at this time and date, history is made and an embarrassment removed. That’s the story anyway.”

sept 19,2013

Could it possibly be TRUE?

Supreme Court scandal surfaces 26 years after the fact!

1982, newly confirmed Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day o’Connor just moved up to the majors by then President Ronald Reagan as the first female to hit the “bigs”. The pressure to perform with the “boys” is immense: the story is related by Supreme Court clerk “Dobby” CJ Fredrikson “We could all see the pressure that Justice o’Connor felt, this being her first time in the “show”. We all wanted her to succeed, so when the changes started we all just, we all turned a blind eye.”

Unnamed sources close to the Justice “It was there for anyone who really wanted to see it. It started slowly, but at the end of several terms it was apparent the the strength and power that was there could not be due to normal conditioning and training.”

“Everyone would complement Madam Justice on her ‘lovely new hairstyle’, but it was obvious that her brain power was growing tremendously.”

Friends close to the Justice tell us that it was only when Ruth Bader Ginsberg, the second female Justice with 3 words in her name came to the court that she was finally able to break her reliance on performance enhancing drugs to make her opinions more powerful and fell back on those qualities that brought her to the “show” in the first place.

sept 19,2013