From: The Department of State

To: Webmaster, DOS homepage.

Dear Franklin:

just a few typo’s and mis’cues this time:

item one: “US signs MISSILE defense”, just had to explain to the Russians that we actually had said “we’re going to sign a misc’ll defense package”, MISCELLANIOUS. hah hah hah. Please correct.

item two: “NATO support for Georgia”, had to explain to the Russkies again the typo ” NADA support for Georgia”, nyet, zip, nonga.

item three: “Pakistan President Resigns”, got us into a lot of trouble. Should have been

“Pakistan President RE-SIGNS” the “-” got dropped! What should have been a short interest piece on Mushhi buying more grain turns into, well you know what! Correction please.

Connie looks great with those new picts.



aug 21, 2008