Hillary Dillary Doc?

From the desk of John Podesta,

Presidential Elect Barak Obama Transition Team

Position of Secretary of State

For immediate release

Everyone here has been discussing and speculating on

the purpose of Senator Clintons visits and consultations

with the President-elect and the likely possibility

that she will be asked and nominated to become the next

Secretary of State. The conservative media and the

Republican attack machine has come out embracing the

questions of effectiveness in the light of her husbands,

the former Presidents, own philanthropy and fully legal

dealings as both an individual and effective representative

called upon time and time again by the current President

to both represent the United States and spearhead disaster

relief and awareness efforts on this governments behalf.

While fully appreciating the International appeal and

reputation of Senator Clinton and the obvious strength and

deportment she would be bring to any and all international

efforts, the President elect is also loathe to lose her

vitality and strength of commitment to championing causes

as the voice of reason in the Senate that she should have

to resign that seat to become Secretary of State.

To that end and with those requirements in mind,

President Elect Obama, after careful thought and quiet

deliberation, will propose Senator Clinton as the


Bringing both the Voice talents of Hillary Clinton and the

animation genius of Matt Groenig together in service to their

country. After consultation with esteemed constitutional lawyers,

it has been established that “while it’s nice to have a human being

in the position, you don’t really have to.” And that being a voice

actor, even if it’s the “voice behind the office”, there would be

NO constitutional requirement for Senator Clinton to give up

her Senate seat. Esteemed constitutional lawyers contacted for

their opinion were even of the opinion that

“Animated Representatives” would not even have to be

confirmed by the Senate.

Senator Clinton and Mr. Groenig will be meeting shortly to

design a character to the Senator’s liking.

The Senator has stated a fondness for a “leala” kind of Kick-butte

type of character while the Former President has been effusive

in his praise for “that amy wong, WOW”.

More to follow.

sept 18, 2008