The Daily Press Briefer

Department of State

Select questions Nov 7, 2008 on the transition

Q- can you comment on the transition from the Bush to the Obama administration?

Mr. W- Yes, and thank you for that question: We initially thought that we would be able to use most of the existing stationary, and just white out the “ush”, and type the “O” and “ama” around the existing “B”. But after prolonged and substantive discussions with the transition team, it was decided that having to have ALL of the President-elects surname in capitals, as would be required “O-B-A-M-A” as the currents Presidents first letter in his last name is capitalized “B-u-s-h” would neccessitate the President-elects christian name being capitalized also “B-A-R-A-K” and that is not the message the President-elect wants to send; ALL the stationary will be new and with the President-elects full name with only the initial letters capitalized: “B-a-r-a-k O-b-a-m-a”

Q- we understand that you have a team of..

Mr.W- that is a team of 24 State Department employees ready to assist the transition team.

Q- Can you tell us their make-up?

Mr. W- yes: they are broken up evenly into 4 teams with one center, two point guards, two forwards, and the rest utility players. They will be available through out the transition period for one on one or a “round robin” type of play whenever required. The teams are made up of career state department basketball players so the transition team will get the very best the state department has to offer.

Q-is it true that Secretary Rice might…?

Mr. W- anytime. Secretary Rice can play with the big dawgs and she’s never been shy about showing the kids how the “pro’s” put the moves on the floor.

thank you.

sept 10, 2008