State Department daily press briefers

Department of State combined press Briefs

State Department

Washington D.C.

July 29/30 2013

Jen Psaki


11pm start:

Jen: mm. mmm. mmmm. mmmmm-hmm.

hm-mm. mm. hmmm.

hm. hm. hm. hm.

(1134 pm) mm-mmmm.

Millard: sorry to interrupt Jen, but could I ask a question?

Jen: hmmm? huh. oh, yes. thank you all for being here. goodbye.

(general laughter).

Jen: what’s your itch Millard?

Millard: on the subject of iftar dinner?

will the Secretary be meeting the President, the President the Secretary, the Secretary the Secretary the Prime minister and the President, the Prime Minister the Secretary the Vice President the Ambassador and the Secretary with the Ministers? Or will it technically be more of a supper. Is there an iftar supper? Or is it just dinner?

Jen: good question Millard. Ever since last years fiasco over the cheese basket, Ambassador Indyk  has been a necessary fixture at these affairs. His knowledge of table etiquette and place settings has already averted several possible diplomatic crisis’, and I am referring to the ‘salad fork’ incident.

Matt (interrupting): Jen, is it true that Vice President Biden specifically asked for the Ambassador because quote” damn if that **** is going to fork this up again exclamation point unquote”?

(general snickering)

Jen: Matt, all I’ll say is that the Ambassador’s encyclopedic knowledge of cutlery amongst other things is what has enjoined the Presidents full trust and confidence. Next Question.

Millard: States reaction to the Manning trial?

Jen: As the verdict is coming out right now we have not had time to formulate a rationale, reasoned

Matt (interrupting): the verdict just came out on wiki-leaks would you

Jen (interrupting): even with the verdict JUST out State has not had time to formulate a

Matt (interrupting): wiki-leaks just posted State departments response to the verdict. Do you have a comment?

Jen: What! no. there is no

Matt (interrupting): WOW. wiki-leaks just posted your response and I must say that requires a little more clarification. Would you care to clarify and comment?

Jen: NO. We have

Matt (interrupting): well after reading the wiki-leaks  response I don’t know why you just didn’t say so in the first place.

Millard: Hmm-mmmm…

july 31, 2013