From Ayman al Zawahri

Welcome to our new brothers of Gamaa al Islamiya!

Some problems have occurred that I would like to address now:

1- Membership cards of Gamaa al Islamiya will be honored and you will receive the 10% discount at all Al Qaeda member stores.

2- Members of Gamaa al Islamiya will no longer be accruing double frequent flyer miles when using the company card. If you wish to know why PLEASE READ THE EMPLOYEE HANDBOOK.

3- To our brethren of the Gamaa al Islamiya who wished to form the Hezbollah support group the “Islamic Brotherhood Of Warriors Embracing Lebanon Movement” we applaud your effort. The banners, posters, flags and brochures featuring the “Islamic B.O.W.E.L. Movement” were in the process of being made though, and we ask that any new names for groups be submitted before any advertising or promotional material is made.

4- Members of Gamaa al Islamiys are invited to the company picnic, Osama promises to do his “I am Woman” on the karaoke in full burka again this year.


aug 6, 2006