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Re: ‘Glaciers, gender, and science’

-…The overuse of the word ‘epistemological’ is as concerning as is it’s almost homophonic relationship to ‘episiotomy’ in relation to feminist discourse. Cut it out.

-…What we have found historically in looking through archival sources (FOIA) is that many women have applied to study glaciers, BUT, we have found that while proportionally and numerically MORE men have been given grants to study glaciers, the vast majority of men will study any glacier while the women almost exclusively apply to study only the largest glaciers. In response to a recent survey sent out to glaciologists, the men overwhelming indicated that scientific curiosity and significant scientific understanding can be achieved with study of a glacier of any size, while the female respondents reported unanimously that while some results can be statistically significant the best results can only be achieved with the largest masses.

-…just another paper, written by a man…