Strike call

From the desk of: Alan Rosenberg

President, National Board of Directors

Screen Actors Guild

Strike call


Once again we are being pushed to the precipice of disaster

by the scabberous fools of the AMPTP, who seek nothing

more than to dance naked intoxicated drinking in the last

drops of those few ounces of sweat and blood that remain

as ours from the wellspring of our souls still to own.

We will soon be requesting from you, those loyal to the cause

and the footsoldiers on the frontlines and from whom we

gain both our strength and spiritual sustanance; to come

back and vote your resolution to stop those who attack the

basis of our liveliehood which will lead to the total

destruction of a way of life that we all hold dear.

We are now approaching the final battlefield of that great

war. Testing wether this union, or any union, so concieve

and dedicated to the proposition that all men are created

equal shall go forth or languish on this Earth.

As part of that vote, we are asking you, each of you, to

go out and explain to everyone, how important excellence

in acting and stagecraft is to the safety and daily life

of every single American. The statistics make it clear:

-after a hard day at work, you come home to watch a comedy

that does not exhibit the finely honed craft and deliverance

of a professional, UNION, SAG actor/actress. To put it

bluntly, IT FAILS TO AMUSE. This leads to an increase in

pent up frustration and a significant increase in domestic

violence and abuse. Children suffer from not being able to

talk about anything but “reality shows” the next day at

school and so school work suffers. Society descends into

a vortex of choleric sanguinity and civilization evaporates

like the mist in the morning.

-poorly lit or poorly crafted sets lead to people leaning

in farther to the television, increased eye strain and

resulting headaches. Insominic behavior affects work routine,

increased sick days, once again leading to the vortex of

melancholic sanguinity and civilization evaporating like the

mist in the morning.

-other professionals, like doctors and lawyers, have nowhere

to turn for stress relief. Alcohol and drugs become the norm

as the thrill of other illegal activities such as fraternizing

with protistutes grows stale, and once again, society

descends into the vortex of phlegmatic sanguinity and

civilization evaporates like the mist in the morning.

Please impress on all friends and loved ones the importance

of keeping only qualified, trained, professionals on the

“screen”. The places where society has not advanced to this

level yet, like China, the former Soviet Union, and repressive

regimes in the Middle East and former Yugoslavia; should be bell

weathers of what happens when, not organizations, but bastions

of freedom, liberty and democracy AS ARE WE are not allowed or

encouraged to grow and flourish.

For the sake of us all, please vote “strike” on the next ballot.


nov 22, 2008