Secret transcripts of meeting between President GW Bush and President-elect Barak Obama in the Oval Office

GW- come on in an have a seat Barak, I can call you Barak can’t I.

Call me George.

whoa, you don’t want to sit on that part of the couch.

that’s where Bill had his “pizza delivered” so to speak.

B- Thanks for being so kind to Michelle and me.

I know I was hard during the campaign, but take what I said

about you in the spirit of solid campaigning.

GW- That’s fine, I don’t watch much on TV anyway.

They didn’t mention anything about a “stargate” to you during your top secret

briefing, did they? No? They haven’t told me anything either.

You know, one of the most important things you have to do

when take on this office is…

rrrrrrring. one minute while I get the phone.

“Hi, go ahead. ……. Whoa, they did what…

got to give em credit for cojones don’t you. well, one second”.

Barak, your going to inherit this garbage, the Iraaanians are being idiots.

Should I nuke ’em, your call son?

B- uh, not right now.

GW- right, the ‘news cycle’ thing. I got ya. “Hi General.

Tell Dick to send him another box of ties. Yeah the clip on ones.

Tell him to get the one’s with Mickey Mouse on them,

that should really piss that Achminejadad off!”

B- ties?

GW- Yeah, that Iranian President never wears a suit with a tie.

Looks sloppy.

Not Presidential.

So whenever he does something stupid, instead of going Reagan on

his ass, I send him a box of ties with a note inside.

B- a note?

GW- yeah, heh. “the next time it may not be ties”

B- well, I think my saying will be “instead of going Bush on his ass”

GW- well, that’s what legacy’s are all about aren’t they.

We only got hit once on my watch.

Hopefully your successor will not have to “go Obama” on anybody.

B- Point taken.

GW- yo. Do you know you can get tickets to just about

anything with this job. Free. good seats seats too.

end transcript.

nov 13,2008