Insider Leaks

First Draft of Under Secretary for Political Affairs R. “Nicky” Burns Washington Post piece.

“three months have passed since the world called on Burma’ dictators, Gens. Than Shwe and Maung Aye to end their brutal crackdown on tens of thousands of peaceful monks and other demonstrators. They haven’t, so we’re going to open a can of whoop-ass on them.”

Internal Memo from Bishop Anthony Lobo, Secretary-General of Catholic Bishop Conference of Pakistan to His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI

“While we sorrow at the deaths of so many innocents, it’s difficult to pray for internal peace because when they aren’t killing each other they’re killing us.”

Note from Chief Mufti Sheikh ‘Abd Al-’Aziz bin ‘Abdullah Aal Al-Sheikh to Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Abdullah: “I share your concern with the state of the Umma your Highness. Over 900 Muslim killed by fellow Muslim in the last month alone. Where’s a Danish political cartoonist when you need one?”

jan 10, 2008